Palestinian Earthquake

by Shahid NWA, Knights of Nights production

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This is a part of Shahid N.W.A dream in "Forced Exiled dreams" project that was sponsored by British Council and produced by "Knights of Nights"


Earthquake hit them when you raise the flag of Palestine
Obliging the children to come to occupiers’ jails, then transmitting to skies

Earthquake in Syria - can you hear it? That’s a barrel explosion
The news of our country (Palestine) reaches the tops of the houses in the camps
Inflicting wounds to the very Country
Europe is witnessing the plight of distant people: living death
walking, and their eyes rising up no higher
than the lowest of Fares Awda’s feet
So their head is above the banners of the Kingdoms :

The bare footed Arab child climbing to witness the saturation of the valley from blood
that is more precious than any of the treasures of the kingdoms and: heard
testament of captive
Performs so he stimulates wake-up to the units. Sleeping is forbidden

In Egypt, the public insist to lock the Occupiers’ Embassy
and to lock the ridiculousness of transition from authority to authority
Hunger hit up to the barefoot child’s stomach, at the top of the hill. At the top of the pyramid
Pharaoh prostrates with all his Elan: Child stamps on the Pen

Shameful negotiations.
If the life is just one
we will draw it: Rebelling.
We will shoot life if it is holding on freedom
To freedom souls are elevated
writing and the soul is pen: Stay strong.
Injustice is not permanent. No!
Victory is coming: welcome

Palestine shakes hearts: unites hearts: Reassures hearts: Allowing influence

(Let it High.…Palestine let her name high…)


released April 9, 2015




Shahid N.W.A Palestine, UK

Shahid N.W.A
Previously known as:
Nader Alhussein,shahid3yan/aayan, abo3yan,Abotajrobi.
Palestinian hiphop artist, poet,directer & activist.
lived in Borj albarajineh Sabra&Chatila camps in Lebanon.
Currently live&train as psychologist/art therapist in UK.
Participated in creating Palestinian, Arabic Hiphop
Participated inteviews&poetry festivals(lately, Teesside International Poetry Festival
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